Frequently asked questions

Where do you get the prices from? Are these prices accurate?

The prices and availability are sourced from the date and time mentioned, and they are subject to change. The price and availability details shown on Amazon at the moment of purchase will be applicable to the purchase of the product. Our data retrieval process involves utilizing Amazon's Product Advertising API to gather comprehensive product information spanning various categories. Afterward, we carefully sift through, analyze, and organize the product listings to present the information in a cohesive and orderly fashion.

I don't see my favorite brand.

The availability of products from certain brands on our platform is influenced by analyzing the user demand. Brands experiencing high demand are prioritized, while those with low or zero demand are excluded to manage costs associated with obtaining detailed product information. If you have specific brands you'd like to see included, please feel free to reach out to us at diapercompare.ask@gmail.com, and we'll consider your input in our future updates.

I have more questions/feedback - how do I reach you?

Feel free to reach out to us at diapercompare.ask@gmail.com

How often is this site data updated?

Site data is updated every 2-4 days. Based on our research the product details on our site don't change very often.

Does the price include shipping cost?

The prices mentioned here exclude shipping and taxes due to the lack of information about your location. Many of these listings offer free shipping, particularly for Amazon Prime members, but it's advisable to verify shipping costs before finalizing your order.

Why are some product values blank or not available?

The values on our site are derived from Amazon, and any missing or blank information is a result of its absence or recent changes on the Amazon site. Our data is regularly refreshed, so if the update information was recently changed on the Amazon site, it will be reflected in the next data refresh. We encourage users to provide feedback on missing information by contacting us at diapercompare.ask@gmail.com

Why do you have this site free? How do you make money from this?

We receive commissions for products purchased through the links on this site through Amazon's Affiliate Program.

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